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Shopping spot in Seongsu


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1. ADER Seongsu Space

ADER Seongsu Space is a store of the fashion culture communication brand "ADER ERROR". The brand produces a wide range of products, mainly menswear, and is especially popular for its modern design and use of high-quality materials. In addition to showcasing the brand's latest collections, the ADER Seongsu Space also hosts various events and exhibitions to provide visitors with new experiences and inspiration. It is not just a place to sell products but a creative space that conveys the brand's philosophy and values.

Hours: 13:00 - 21:00


2. Beaker Seongsu

"Beaker" is one of the leading editorial shops in South Korea, featuring fashion items from a variety of brands. It carries not only famous domestic and international designer brands but also products from emerging brands and has gained a lot of popularity among people interested in fashion. Beaker Seongsu, located in Seongsu-dong, is a space that offers new experiences and inspiration to consumers looking for unique and personalized fashion items.

Hours: 11:00 - 20:00


3. Musinsa Terrace Seongsu

Musinsa Terrace Seongsu is an offline store operated by South Korea's leading online fashion platform, Musinsa. It is a space where you can view and purchase products from various brands sold by Musinsa, combining the convenience of online shopping with the advantages of offline shopping.

In addition to selling products, Musinsa Terrace Seongsu also hosts various cultural events, exhibitions, cafes, and photo zones and serves as a space to provide visitors with new experiences and inspiration. As such, it is known as a great place for those who want to experience culture in addition to just shopping.

Hours: 08:00–21:00


4. Space Wadiz

Space Wadiz is an offline store operated by the crowdfunding platform Wadiz. It is a place where you can see and experience various products that have been funded through crowdfunding, and it is known as a good place for people who want to discover creative ideas and products.

At Space Wadiz, products in various categories such as furniture, fashion, home appliances, and food are on display, and some products can be purchased on-site. The store also regularly hosts various events and seminars that directly connect creators and consumers.

Opening hours: 11:00 – 20:00



29CM Seongsu is a concept store that sells a variety of fashion and lifestyle items and is located in Seongsu-dong, Seoul. It is a place where you can shop for fashion and lifestyle products together, offering a wide range of streetwear, sneakers, apparel, accessories, bags, and other fashion items, giving you a glimpse into Korean fashion culture and trends. The store also sells a variety of lifestyle products that are popular as gifts, making it a great place to pick out a gift. 29CM Seongsu is one of the must-visit places for fashion and art lovers and can be used to shop for a variety of fashion items and find new styles.

Opening hours: 11:00–20:00



UNDERSTAND Avenue is a unique shopping experience that focuses mainly on the creations of young entrepreneurs and artists. Here, you can buy products handmade by a variety of young entrepreneurs and artists. Products in various categories are on display, including fashion items, accessories, furniture, design products, and artwork, many of which are made in limited editions, allowing you to enjoy unique designs.

Understand Avenue strives to support sustainable economic activities in collaboration with the local community and serves as a platform to support and develop artists and entrepreneurs who sell their creations.

Opening hours: 10:00–22:00



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