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Lunar New Year is coming soon!

As the Lunar New Year,

it is the most meaningful day of the year

and the whole family gathers together and has a good time.

How do Korean people celebrate

Lunar New Year?

Let me introduce you now!


source: naver blog rejina

I think some of you already know this. On Lunar New Year's Day, the whole family gathers to eat rice cake soup. In Korea, "eating rice cake soup adds one year to your life." As the whole family eats rice cake soup, I feel like I am getting older.


source: naver blog kkomachyuchyu

In Korea, ancestral rites are held on Lunar New Year's Day and Chuseok to express gratitude to deceased ancestors. Of course, there are many places that do not hold ancestral rites for religious or personal reasons, but families that do hold ancestral rites put a lot of food, such as pancakes and fruits, on the ancestral rite table.

LA Galbi

source: naver blog garussiui jipbap

Since it is a day where the whole family gathers together, meat cannot be left out, right? Koreans gather with their families to eat LA galbi. The LA ribs you eat at home are different from the ribs you buy outside because they have a lot of seasoning, so the taste is light and excellent!


source: naver blog incheonnamdong eoreusinhakgyo

It's been a while since the whole family got together, so having fun is a must! Among them, the most commonly played game is Yut, a game in which four yut sticks are thrown and the pieces are moved according to the results to compete for victory.

Kite flying

source: naver blog AGOM

Although it is not popular these days, kite flying is a popular game in the past. This is a game where you work hard to make your own kite, take it to the field when the wind is strong, and fly the kite in the wind. It was a game where you could make a wish while watching a high-flying kite and see whose kite could fly better. It was very popular with boys.


source: naver blog neungcheongseonghyeon

The round ball-shaped thing shown in the photo above is called Jegi. It is a game that involves kicking and competing several times. If you like Korean entertainment, you may have seen it at least once.

Han bok

source: naver blog hyeondung

On Lunar New Year's Day, we celebrate the day by wearing pretty Hanbok. Although adults do not wear it often, young children wear hanbok and bow to adults.


source: naver blog jeongseonsawi

Sebae is the time children look forward to the most and is the act of bowing to adults while saying “Happy New Year.” The reason children wait is because they receive money for bowing, and adults bow before bowing, saying well-wishing words, and giving New Year's money, so I think this is the time they wait the most during Lunar New Year.

Traffic jam

source: naver cafe beseuteumam

Have you ever wondered why traffic jams are part of Lunar New Year culture? Many people in Korea go to the countryside at the same time, so if you don't leave early in the morning, you will experience terrible traffic jams. To exaggerate a bit, we joke that we spent a whole day just going to the countryside and coming back home.



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