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A CAFE&BAR in Gangnam-gu known for K-pop groups like BTS, NCT, BLACKPINK, ...

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source: naver blog chyokoring

A unique drawing cafe where you can enjoy coffee and croiffle and also draw pictures on various design paper sheets, canvases, etc. and even convert them into NFTs. Kyungsung Museum became a hot issue among social network services when Yeojin (Girl of the Month) and Chaerin (Cherry Bullet) visited here and turned into artists in a beret and wearing an apron.

Work: 12:00~22:00 / Sat–Sun 11:00~22:00

Address: 32, Dosan-daero 15-gil

Price: Drawing ticket for 1 person 24,000

source: naver bdoremi,cnaver review rolling54

This dimly lit and antique yet romantic cafe+wine bar is run by a florist. The popular menu at this cafe, known to be the secret getaway of actress Son Ye-jin and film director Bong Joonho, is the French toast topped with seasonal fruits, and the vin chaud.

Work: 10:00~23:00

Address: 7, Apgujeong-ro 72-gil

Price: French toast 18,000 Cream Mocca 10,000

source: naver blog mereusiel paesyeonraipeu, naver review hap****

This gallery cafe changes its exhibit every 15 days. In a big open space, you can have tea and appreciate the works of new artists selected by the owner who majored in Art. GIRLS’ GENERATION’s Tiffany, Bae Yongjoon, Jang Keunsuk and 2PM are regular customers.

Work: 10:00~23:50 (Last Order 23:20)

Address: 13-12, Dosan-daero 67-gil

Price: Drink 10,000~16,000 Dessert 9,000~25,000

source: naver blog rego, naver review OK0*****

This rice cake cafe has an interesting name and there is a story behind it: a husband hopes to ‘join’ his wife residing in Japan to live together in Korea. A devotee of rice cake, Jun Jihyun is such a loyal customer, she visits every new branch whenever it opens.

Work: 09:30~17:00 (Closed on Sunday)

Address: Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Nonhyeon-ro 175-gil, 109. B1

Price: Rice cake 1 piece 2,000~

source: naver blog Hsun

Cafe Pleno became even more popular as the cafe of Jang Keunsuk, the original ‘Asian prince’. It is a cafe frequently visited by many foreigners. The cafe boasts of a wonderful Instagram-oriented sensibility by means of a planterior utilizing plants and decorations with various accessories.

Work: 11:00~20:00

Address: 724 Seolleung-ro

Price: Drink 5,000~9,000 Bagle 12,000

source: naver blog ellijamasseu, ppomppom , naver review chanmi1925

GIRLS’ GENERATION, actress Lee Yeonhee, Park Seojun, and Sports Star Lee Yongdae also line up for the magical shaved ice shop. SUPER JUNIOR M’s Henry, known as a gourmet, falls for its Mango Ice flakes. One day when he came at closing time, he begged the chef to make mango ice flakes with a big sweet smile.

Work: 10:00~23:00 / Sun 11:00~22:00

Address: B1, 461, Apgujeong-ro

Price: Vitamin Tea 8,000 Ice Flakes 22,000



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