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A AGENCIES in Gangnam-gu known for K-pop groups like BTS, NCT, BLACKPINK, ...

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what is ★(STAR) ROAD?

road containing information about places

visited by your favorite Korean celebrities


Gangnamdols(‘Gangnam’ and ‘Idol.’)

embrace the characteristics and

artisticemotion of


"Today, I'd like to introduce


that were visited by celebrities"

source: visit gangnam

P Nation is an entertainment agency established recently by Psy, singer of global mega-hit ‘Gangnam Style’. P Nation, steadfastly building up an artists’ empire acknowledged for its popular appeal and musicianship with members such as Heize, Crush is situated in the heart of Gangnam.

Address: 21 Nonhyeon-ro 151-gil

source: visit gangnam

An entertainment agency that manages actors including Park Eun Bin and Song Gang. In 2019, singer/actress Seo Hyeon, formerly a member of the global girl group, Girls’ Generation, also joined Namu Actors.

Address: 5F, 34, Eonju-ro 150-gil

source: visit gangnam

This entertainment company specializes in management of handsome boy band groups such as FT ISLAND, CNBLUE, and N.FLYING. In addition, it boasts a diverse lineup of boy and girl groups such as SF9 and AOA, actor such as Jung Haein, Lee Donggun and entertainers such as No Hongcheol and Moon Seyoon, Lee Kookjoo.

Address: 46, Dosan-daero 85-gil

source: naver blog jukjeon

Starship Entertainment is engaging in a wide range of entertainment projects with focus on the management of singers and actors. Many Hallyu stars who are loved by fans at home and abroad, including Monsta X, WJSN, Song Seungheon, Yoo Yeonseok, Lee Gwang Soo, and Lee Dong Wook, are members of the Agency.

Address: 4-5 Samsung-ro 146-gil

source: naver blog jukjeon

It is an entertainment agency to which Choi Yoojung and Kim Doyeon, who have global fans through TV audition programs, belong. WEKIMEKI, ASTRO, and singer and actor Ong Seongwu belong to. Fantagio is an integrated entertainment company and is currently the largest management company in Korea listed on the KOSDAQ.

Address: 648 Samsung-ro



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