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Meet the allure of Seongsu-dong:
a fusion of old and new.

Seongsu-dong is one of the hippest and trendiest neighborhoods in Seoul. This unique area has a diverse appeal that spans the past, present, and future.


With stores dotted throughout the city center in old factories and renovated houses, Seongsu-dong brings back fond memories for millennials and new experiences for Gen Zers.


Wandering around Seongsu-dong also takes you through narrow alleys to Seoul's largest park, Seoul Forest. It's a beautiful place where you can feel the harmony between the city and nature, and is very popular with people who enjoy relaxing in the Seongsu neighborhood.


Seongsu is often referred to as the Brooklyn of Seoul, a vibrant center of culture and art, and a special place where you can enjoy taste, style, and relaxation. A visit here will immerse you in the colorful charms of Seoul.

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