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Discovering Seoul on Foot:Songridan-gil (2)


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When you leave the cafe and enter Songridan-gil, you'll be greeted by distinctive restaurants in every corner of the alley, piqueing your interest and your curiosity. The restaurants that form the cornerstone of the alley, where the rust has converted into crimson ornaments over the years, are not as fancy, but just as lovely.

Because these restaurants have been established for a long time, new restaurants have begun to spring up in this district where mediocrity is the identity, just as it has in other communities.

As a result, it is impossible to ignore any of the so-called "Instagram restaurants" on Songridan-gil. If you see something on Songridan-gil that captures your interest, don't be afraid to go in.


Curated by walking


Yakisoba Nijumaru


Address :

21, Baekje burial mound-ro 41-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea

Tel :

82+) 070-7819-0012

Business Hours :

(Weekdays) 11:30 - 20:00

(Weekends) 12:00 - 20:00

(14:20 - 17:00 break)

(Closed on Mondays and 1st & 3rdTuesdays )

Representative Menu :

1. Yakisoba Noodles

Editor's Comments: On Songridan-gil, this restaurant offers a Japanese vibe. The owner was a well-known yakisoba master on TV. Because of the shop's tiny size, there must be some waiting, and it distinguishes itself by allowing customers to select the sauces and toppings that they want. Watching the yakisoba being made in the open kitchen is entertaining. The meal has a robust flavor from the on-the-spot stir-frying of the toppings and plump noodles, which makes it a favorite. The addition of tempura powder to the yakisoba noodles, which gives them a great crunch and savory flavor, is one of the highlights.




Address :

14, Ogeum-ro 18-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea

Tel :

82+) 02-417-8666

Business Hours :

18:00 - 01:00 (Closed on Tuesdays)

Representative Menu :

1. Yukhoe

2. Suranchae

3. Potato Jeon(pancake)

Editor's Comments: A hidden gem of a restaurant on Songridan-gil. It is a Korean fusion restaurant run by a single chef. Special occasion visits are recommended due to the interior's bar-like style and sumptuous feel. You can taste and feel the chef's care and sincerity, especially in the fusion Korean cuisine. The savory flavor of the yukhoe is accentuated by the mix of chuck tender and powdered sesame oil, which is embellished with persimmon carvings and reflects fine eating with an emphasis on presentation. Fresh fish and veggies are blended with a poached egg, and a surprisingly light and fresh sauce is added. Last but not least, the potato jeon(pancake) combines bacon and potatoes to represent the meeting of East and West. There is no other place like it for unique cuisine and traditional Korean liquor.


Sweden Picnic


Address :

10, Baekje gobun-ro 43-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea

Tel :

82+) 070-8286-4119

Business Hours :

(Weekdays) 17:00 - 24:00

(Weekends) 15:00 - 24:00

Representative Menu :

1. Swedish Plate

2. Grilled Cheese

Editor's Comments: It's a small wine shop in a building's basement. The different things in the courtyard, on the other hand, give it a particularly Nordic vibe. It serves natural wines with no additives, and there are over 200 different varieties of wine glasses to pick from. They also have a selection of souvenirs and question cards to make you feel at ease while chatting over a glass of wine. The owner can make wine recommendations, and the food is just as homemade and sincere. The characteristic "Swedish Plate" is a collection of cheeses and finger snacks that go well with wine. "Grilled Cheese" is a biscuit covered with grilled cheese and figs, both of which have aromatic aromas that complement wine.


On a tranquil afternoon, why not go to Songlidan-gil with friends? Stroll around the peaceful waters of Seokchon Lake and stop at a unique cafe for scented coffee and a nice chat. We recommend a fulfilling supper at a restaurant with a food philosophy, followed by a relaxing day at a small pub where you and your friends may swap stories over beverages.



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