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A restaurant(Korean,Chinese) in Gangnam-gu known for K-pop groups like BTS, NCT, BLACKPINK, ...

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"Today, I'd like to introduce

Korean&Chinese Restaurant

that were visited by celebrities"

source: naver blog bonitto

This Korean restaurant is already widely known among the office workers of Apgujeong. It has become more famous for being a favorite of Henry. You can enjoy various menus including samgyetang and bulgogi that any foreigner would love and many other dishes that are a perfect match for traditional Korean liquors.

Work: 10:30~22:00

Address:1567 68 Nonhyeon-ro 175-gil

Price: Sigolbapsang 9,000 / Bulgogi 12,000

source: naver blog young

Dosan Bunsik is the place which creates a new paradigm of a snack bar by serving foods that restore the memories of Korean people yet still follow the globalizing trend, as they are not merely simple flour-based foods. All of the multinational menus are cooked with the special recipes of the restaurant, including the pork cutlet sandwich made with low-temperature ripened pork sirloin, tteokbokki from our memory, dosan bibimmyeon and Hong Kong toast.

Work: 11:30~20:30 (Break Time 15:00~17:00)

(Last Order 14:30, 20:00)

Address: 10-6, Dosan-daero 49-gil

Price: Dosan tteokbokki 6,000 Port cutlet sandwich 9,500

source: naver blog taigeonujeu

In Cheongdam-dong, which has been listed on the Michelin Guide for four consecutive years since 2017, is a restaurant specializing in aged hanu beef praised by many Korean celebrities. Their signature menus are the aged rib eye and aged beef brisket, which are tender and juicy even when cooked well done.

Work: 12:00~22:00 (Break Time 15:00~17:00)

(Last Order 14:00, 21:00)

Address: B1, 22, Dosan-daero 49-gil

Price: Aged rib eye 100g 54,000

source: naver blog bonyang

Cheongdam Sundubu is a Korean restaurant where you can enjoy the taste of soft tofu. Celebrity regulars include many K-pop stars such as Yoona and Soo Young of GIRLS’ GENERATION, Jungshin of CNBLUE, and Jun. K of 2PM, and AOA.

Work: 08:00~22:00 (Last Oder 21:30)

Address: 19, Dosan-daero 53-gil

Price: Sundubu 10,000~13,000

source: naver blog kojini

Opened in 1992, this was the very first cafe in the center of Cheongdam area full of stately mansions and residences. There is a famous story about actor Jung Woosung that he was noticed by a casting director while working as a waiter here. Run by actor Bae Soobin’s brother, it is a favorite hangout for Han Chaeyoung and GIRLS’ GENERATION members.

Work: 11:30~04:30

Address: 18, Seolleung-ro 158-gil

Price: Dish 26,000~42,000 Drink 10,000~16,500

source: naver blog harung

It seems ‘Gilmok’ is the only place that offers excellent food in a quiet, easily accessible neighborhood. As you turn the corner, you will find ‘Gilmok’, overflowing with its crowded ambience and pleasantly laughing and chatting customers as if it were a totally separate space in the midst of the tranquility of the neighborhood.

Work: Mon–Sat 16:00~22:00(Closed on Sunday)

(Last Order 21:00)

Address: Jinsung Bldg, 10 Yeongdong-daero 129-gil

Price: Rated pork neck 18,000 Special port belly 18,000

source: naver blog Do

It is renowned as a true Chinese restaurant in Cheongdam-dong serving highly unique yet authentic Chinese cuisine, and a highly popular venue that has received more than a million likes by numerous entertainers including popular idol group NCT, composer Kim Hyungsuk and Suhyun of AKMU.

Work: 11:00~22:00(Closed on Sunday)

Address: 49 Apgujeong-ro 79-gil

Price: Malatang(100g) 1,700 Malaxiangguo(100g) 3,500



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