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"Sea is beautifully spread out" Yangyang, Gangwon

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source: naver yeolssimi

Yangyang, a beautiful area adjacent

to both mountains and sea

Today, I'd like to introduce

four locations where the sea is

beautifully spread out

Yangyang, Gangwon-do Course

source: naver blog ssollemi

Brave Girls — Chi Mat Ba Ram

SURFYYBEACH, a surfing beach built about 1km long, has an exotic and clean feeling. The adjacent beach and other sections are separated, and only surfers can access the sea, making it even more special. The yellow alphabet sculpture called "SURFYYBEACH" is the best photo zone. For an admission fee of KRW 10,000, hammocks, sunbeds, and beer are provided. allowing you to enjoy a more relaxed time.

Address: 119 Hajodaehaean-gil Hyeonbuk-myeon, Yangyang-gun,


Work: 9AM-2AM

SSAK3 — Beach Again

This is the skateboard park where singer Lee Hyori showed off her presence in the music video of the project group “SSAK3,” which was formed on the entertainment program Hang Out With Yoo with Rain and Yoo Jae-suk. The sensuous graffiti on the exterior walls catches the eye. Even if you don't ride a board, you can enjoy a drink and look around.

Address: 48-54 Hajodae 2-gil Hyeonbuk-myeon, Yangyang-gun,


Work: 1PM–8PM (Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

Content: Skateboard

source: naver blog Prim coffee

SSAK3 — Beach Again

Passing through the fragrant pine forest, the emerald sea and fine sand are revealed like a painting. The specialty of this place is the Hajodae Pavilion Observatory, which is easy to climb as there are less than 100 stairs. Let's take a look at the magnificent rock formations, the soft coast, and the waves that spread to the left and right.

Address: Hagwangjeong-ri, Hyeonbuk-myeon, Yangyang-gun,


source: naver blog appaneun banghakjung

Handmade burgers that satisfy both visual and taste

This is a handmade burger restaurant located right in front of Yangyang Dongsan Port, where fishing boats float. The American-style interior exudes a casual look. From the rooftop on the 3rd floor, the view towards the sea is wide enough that you can see the sea and islands beyond the port. Combining fresh vegetables and rich gravy, the burger tastes just as good as the view.

Address: 44-39 Dongsankeun-gil Hyeonnam-myeon,

Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do


Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays



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