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A K-POP album store in Seoul

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If you like your favorite idol, you will participate in various activities such as concerts and fan meetings,

but I think the most popular among them is purchasing albums.

Today, I will introduce you to places where you can buy albums in Seoul!

Source: Naver blog 'nanrinan jaekgichan'

NearbyMusic's Yeonnam store is known for selling albums from a wide range of artists, and they also sell hard-to-find albums from the past, so you may be able to find what you're looking for here. The location is near the Hongdae entrance area, so it's easy to get to. The official Twitter account of NearbyMusic Yeonnam store posts album inventory every week, so it's a good idea to check it before visiting the store. The store is also spacious, so it's a good place for album shopping.

Adress: 233, Donggyo-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Work: 10:00 ~ 21:00

Source: Naver blog 'Gummybear'

Beatroad Hapjeong branch sells albums by numerous artists, from new singers to famous singers. The Beatroad hapjeong point also features several spaces for idols and fans. On the first floor of the store, you'll find an album store and a photo area where you can take video of them unboxing their albums. On the second floor, there are even more unique spaces where idols and fans can videocall and sign autographs. There's also a photoism booth, so it's a great place to make special memories with your favorite idols.

Adress: 107, Donggyo-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Work: 11:00 ~ 21:00

Withmuu Hongdae is an album store located in AK Plaza Hongdae. WithMuu Hongdae store sells not only albums but also idol merchandise. The store is located right off the entrance to Hongdae, so it's easy to get to. They also hold occasional luckydraw events with idols' photocards, so why not join in on the fun?

Adress: 2 floor,188, Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Work: 11:00 ~ 22:00

Source: Naver place

Everline Sinchon is an album store located near Sinchon Station. It is said that pop-up stores are held here when idols make a comeback. The store also has a cafe, so you can not only buy albums here, but also visit the cafe for a break. The first and second floors of the store are used as a cafe, and albums and merchandise are sold on the basement floor. It's said that they often hold pop-up store events, so if you're passing by and see this place, it's worth checking out.

Adress: 29, Sinchonnyeok-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

Work: 10:00 ~ 20:00

Ktown4u Coex is a new entertainment building that was previously located at SM Entertainment's Artium. On the second floor, you'll find a variety of merchandise, albums, and photo booths. There's also a photo card exchange booth where fans can get their favorite members. On the third floor, you'll find even more interesting spaces, including the Ktown4u Academy, which is an idol training school that teaches vocals, rap, dance, and more to train future Kpop artists. Next, on the fourth floor, popup stores of idols are held. The fourth floor also consists of a cafe where you can grab a drink and relax.

Adress: 513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Work: 11:00 ~ 20:00

Source: Naver blog 'jjyaeyamam'

Hottracks Gwanghwamun is one of the largest Hottracks stores in Seoul. Hottracks is a popular stationery store, so I'm sure you've heard of it at least once. Hottracks Gwanghwamun, located near Gwanghwamun Station, is known for selling a lot of stationery, miscellaneous goods, and even albums. Among other things, Hottracks Gwanghwamun starts selling albums on the day of the idols' comeback, so idol fans wait in line to buy albums on the day of the idols' comeback. In addition, fans gather at Hottracks Gwanghwamun to collect photo cards of their favorite members and exchange photocards.

Adress: 1, Jong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Work: 9:30 ~ 22:00

Source: Naver place

Located in Hongdae, the KPOP MERCH ME:DOM is a large Kpop offline store consisting of a Kpop zone, play zone, and cafe. It's a large store that spans from the 1st basement to the 5th floor, and is well-equipped with everything from restrooms to storage lockers. It sells most of the goods related to Kpop, such as albums of all singers, MDs, cheering sticks, etc.

Adress: 2F, 42, Dongmak-ro 9-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Work: 11:00 ~ 22:00



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